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How to make money online

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CONGRATULATIONS! ...I'm impressed. The very fact that you arrived at this page shows that you are interested enough to learn how to make money online.

First; Start at the beginning! Follow these easy to follow step - by - step instructions.

Let's get down to business! First you will need an easily recognizable domain or "dot com" name. It's best to include the keywords embedded within the type of site that you will have, for instance, "Learn 2 paint". The targeted keywords in my website name are "Learn and Signs". But I had amazing success in targeting the keywords, " Hand Painted Lettering" and "Gothic Letters". When someone does a web search containing your keywords, your site will be listed in the top ten or twenty - just from your web site name or the targeted keywords mentioned on your webpage.

You can easily get your domain name and web site from this link.

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There are many ways of putting together an exciting web page which will enable you to make money online. You can do a search for templates and just fill in the blanks or you can learn basic HTML at...
HTML and build your own.

You can even down load Coffeecup-Software an easy to use HTML editing program (like the one I'm using now), to create web pages at an instant! Which ever method you choose is ok.... Just get it done!

To give you a clear understanding of what a web page really is, you must understand that a web page is just a series of codes placed in a text document, such as "NOTEPAD". When you upload or save the document to the internet as a ".html file", it then becomes a web page.

In order to truly understand the mechanics of how to build a web page, you will need a basic understanding of the html language that you can only get from HTML goodies.

To further investigate the mechanics of a web page and view the actual code in action; I want you to look at the very top of your browser window, click the "VIEW" button, scroll down to the word "SOURCE" and click. This is what a web page really looks like! The more you analyze and study this, the sooner you will understand it, enabling you to put this information into action. It might look confusing to you now, but trust me, it's really quite simple once you understand the basics!

So now that I have a web site, how do I make money online? Well here is what to do. First you will need to join as many of the affiliate programs as you can. Just browse through the ones listed on the left side of your screen.

Visit each site to see what they have to offer.

Copy the codes they give you for use on your web site and paste the codes on the web page of your choice. Now all you have to do is deposit the checks into your bank account at the end of each month. THAT'S IT! Pretty simple ...huh? Now you're ready to make money online!

Hey GREAT! I see you got your codes. Now you're ready to place the links on your web page and begin making money online. There are several ways to do this, but these two examples I feel are the easiest. First, you can download a small sample picture or thumbnail from the site you are promoting and linking your photo to that web page. Your code should look something like this...

<a href=""></a>

Here's an example
Download the HTML Editor
Click on photo for info.
Or you can use a "TEXT LINK" to guide your visitors to that web site...

<a href="">CLICK HERE!</a>


Now that you understand how to place an affiliate code on your site, you need to pay special attention to giving the reader or potential buyer, a detailed description of the product you are selling.

Ok so you have your web site up and running. It's time to concentrate on generating traffic. How to get visitors to your site. One of the most effective techniques, besides the use of "Meta Tags" which is the placement of Keywords and description added to the top of your page and picked up by the search engines, is the use of a "LINKS PAGE". Links to other sites is the most important strategy you can use, but link backs or "reciprocal links" pointing back to your site is even more important. There is nothing more pathetic than viewing a fancy web site with spectacular graphics with no links page! After all, thats what the internet is ALL ABOUT!... links upon links upon links. That's how to make money online!

To be continued...

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