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SWF Image Creator is a tool for creating highly compressed and optimized animation swfs. This program can process animated gif files, split and save all frames seperatly and can also convert them to swf files with a single click. The program simply takes all the gifs,animated gifs or jpg files you have stated and converts them to swf files.
Qwik Spell lives in your system tray (next to the clock) and provides quick access to help spell those confusing words. No need to launch a word processor like Microsoft Word or Word Perfect to check a word spelling again. Double click a word and look it up at for the proper definition.
Image type conversion and thumbnail image creation. Converts to BMP,JPG, GIF, TIFF, SGL and PNG from the same types and in addition from ICO, WMF and EMF. Needs no installation. It can also create thumb images in any dimensions and in any of the supported image types.
GhostlyEye is a new type of Screen Grabber. It is a utility to take snapshots of your full windows desktop screen, while remaining out of sight for your computer system's momentarily user. Its more or less an undetected ghost, who's watchful eye is looking over a users shoulder, while he or she is working with your computer system.
This title offers you a complete graphics library. With thousands ofhigh-quality clip art images, photos, and fonts, you'll be ready for anycreative project, from greeting cards to Web pages. The perfect complement to any creative design program, ClickArt 250,000 is sure to give yourcreativity a boost. You will have access to 110,000 premium-quality imagesand graphics, 100,000 Web-ready images, 50,000 photos and fine art images,and 1,000 TrueType fonts. And you will be able to find what you're lookingfor quickly and easily with the keyword search feature. The program comes with PrintMaster Express, a basic design program that you can use to create cards, banners, and calendars. Also included is Image Editor, which lets you easily edit and customize Windows metafile images. Get more from your print creativity software! ClickArt 250,000 expands your horizons with 250,000 top-quality images in every style and theme. From slick Web graphics to vivid photos, beautiful fine art . even fonts! . this great collection comes packed with fresh inspiration and enduring quality. Ideal for greeting cards, calendar, signs, newsletters and so much more!
Edit, enhance, and repair with fun tools. Restore faded, scratched, and aged photos. Make scrapbooks, photo, collages, even experiment with home remodeling projects. Paint Shop Pro Studio includes Paint Shop Photo Album  Standard Edition
Three pre-configured interfaces to tailor the software for the needs of a basic, junior, or advanced user. Wide range of realistic rich media: crayons, felt pens, watercolor paints, oil pastels, chalks, airbrush sprays, pencils, acrylic paints, charcoal, poster paints and much more. The stamp library provides hundreds of relevant images that can be flipped, resized, skewed and transformed in many different ways. Use the special effects tools to smear, lighten, darken, sharpen or soften to give your artwork a more realistic look or to edit your family photos. Combine a sequence of images to create your very own animations. With a range of cartoon elements to choose from you can create animations in no time.
Use special artistic graphics effects based on the style of famous artists. Random mode cycles through 100 special effects that are super easy for anyone to apply. A great way to encourage creativity in children. Easy to use, just push a single key to get going. Old style artistic effects include Sepia, Old Photo and Blue China. Artistic effects include Mad Painter, Paul Klee, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and many other artistic styles.
trueSpace4 is one of the most accessible 3D programs around. Build, paint, light and animate your objects and scenes - everything you need in one package. Animation includes keyframes, function curves, bones and skinning, and more, to let you bring your creations to life. Create smooth, rounded or organic shapes with ease, thanks to trueSpace4 NURBS. Outputs standard HTML files that can be further modified in Frontpage, Dreamweaver, etc.
Over 250 3D objects in LWO and DXF formats. Designed for Lightwave 3D v.4.0 or later. Minoan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Tuscan 3D architectural and ornamental components. State-of-the-art photo-quality 3D geometry.
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