make money online - business opportunities
Make money online  - business opportunities
Make money online - business opportunities

LinkShare pioneered online affiliate marketing, and today runs the largest pay for performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet.
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Hello Everyone, thanks for stopping by...
I'm constantly being asked by my family, customers and friends, "how do you make money online?" I reply, "it's easy to have a web-based business -- just set up a web page with links to affiliate programs". Everyone knows a little about something. You may not be an expert in a certain field. But almost everyone has a favorite topic, subject or hobby that they are interested in. And that topic or subject is what you promote on a web site. Promote that, of what you know. Web masters refer to this as "finding your niche". If you feel that you are lacking knowledge in a specific topic, search online and study that subject until you are comfortable with with that topic. Hey, I learned how to write web pages, just by reading the help files on my computer and browsing through the Microsoft knowledge base web site.

Once you have your favorite topic in mind, put it on a web page! And after you put your web page online, just add web site Affiliate Program links to the page.

Affiliate programs are income-generating programs that businesses and companies offer you (the web site owner) to promote their products on your web page or site, enabling you to make money online." Great business opportunities.

My friends would then ask, "how can I get into that?" I would proceed and give them verbal instructions on how to setup a web page with links.
Think of the "internet" as just a series of links pointing to information. All you have to do is set up a web page and point people in that direction, and get paid for it. It's just that simple.

But now I'm tired of giving out individual instructions to my friends and customers on how to have a home based business. So I came up with a plan. Create a web page with detailed step-by-step instructions, explaining web site Affiliate Programs, and just have them log onto this page and learn it for themselves. Pretty ingenious -- huh? Well there are hundreds if not thousands of sites out there who "claim to teach you how to make money online -- for a fee". Well I'm going to teach you for free! Just like it was given to me for free. The only difference is, for me, this information was scattered around the internet on various web sites. I had to find it, then sort through it, then try the different methods to find which worked and didn't work. But now I've organized this information over the last of ten years and will pass it on to you, or whoever is willing to read an follow this valuable information.

You know, it's easy to sit back and complain about not having enough money in your pocket. My question to you is what are you going to do about it?

I would say, since you own a computer and are online reading this page, why not put this valuable time to work and make money online while you work at home. Hey-- it beats wasting time sitting in some chat room or emailing your friends some corny jokes or looking at and down loading sleazy photos and movies. Why not make money online with your computer, and have your own home based business. It's not difficult or complicated to make money online.You must know something about computers, you're online right now viewing this page.

Setting up web site Affiliate Programs links on your home page or web site enables you to make money online and promote major products from Dell Computers to American Express or Wallmart. In turn they will pay you a commission on each product you sell. They will supply you with your own special code which you will then place on your web page. At the end of each month they will mail you a check. Pretty cool -- Huh?

It's like making cash while you sleep. With each web site Affiliate Program, they offer you thousands upon thousands of products and services to promote. They will also pay you for referring others to join their programs.

Every web site you visit, you'll see a banner advertising a company or business. It is there for a reason. You get my drift? When someone clicks on that banner they get paid! But you MUST have a web page to post it on. Yahoo Geosites offers free web pages for example, or just get one HERE, with your own domain name too!. I suggest you get started today... it's 3 minutes to Wapner!

Click here and get started -- TODAY.

And while you're at it take a quick free course on HTML or web page design at HTML

Affiliates like Commission Junction offers everything from college courses to art schools , even new jobs and resumes for example. Great business opportunities.

LinkShare pioneered online affiliate marketing, and today runs the largest pay for performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet. Featuring our patented technology, we provide all the tools and services merchants need to create, manage and optimize a successful affiliate marketing program and make money online. With over 10 million partnerships in the network it is the most successful pay for performance network of its kind.

With Amazon free storebuilder, you can quickly and easily create an Amazon shop offering a great selection of products with great business opportunities.

ClickBank has over 100,000 affiliates who know how to find customers for your digital products, so you can make money online. Join our army of over 100,000 affiliates earning sales commissions from 1% to 75% on the sale of digital products. Sign up free and start earning commissions today!

The Company Corporation is the leading incorporation service provider with more than 100 years of experience servicing the entrepreneur and small business community. Earn up to $100 commission per completed* sale ? the minimum payout per sale is $40, and the payouts per sale increase up to $100 as you achieve higher levels of performance, so you can make money online. In 2004, our top affiliate earned over $15,000.

In addition each affiliate has online classes for FREE to teach you how to market all of these products.

Now you may ask how do I find other affiliates to join so I can make more money online? Thats an excellent question. Heres a tip, on every established web site you visit, at the very bottom of the page is a link to their affiliate program if they offer one.

If you gotten down to this point then I know you're interested in making money online. Now to be honest, you will make lots more money promoting sleazy types of sites. Because they are way profitable. I'm not allowed to promote them here because this site is viewed by the general public. But I do have other sites where it is allowed. You know, by nature humans always move in the direction of their most dominant thoughts. If you are constantly thinking of ways to make money, then that is the direction you will go! But it takes more than just thinking about it. It takes discipline, emotional ACTION.
Here's a question for you. What is the driving force of the internet, today?... Give up? The answer is money! Everybody is selling everything on the internet. It use to be free, believe it or not. What is the second most powerful driving force on the internet? ... "adult content", that's a fact. Guess what my top file is that visitors are clicking on.
It's "CD Universe". It gets over 4,000 clicks per day. You know why? Because if visitors search deep enough, they will eventually arrive at the adult section. THAT'S WHY!
So are you ready to learn more?...

Click here to learn how to get started
with your own home based business
and make money online!

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