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Gymnasium Floor Logos single color logos logos with background color multi-color floor logos lettering on ends of court Lettering and graphics on sidelines lettering inside key area email requests

Here are the price ranges for our top quality gymnasium floor graphics. These are estimated price ranges to give you an idea of the cost. These spectacular hand painted logos, range from a simple one color (low cost)line drawing to intricate air brushed renderings to fit any school budget!

The various layout designs are divided into specific categories.
Where you'll find detailed descriptions of Logos: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and "6 categories.

Just give us a basic idea, and we will develop your idea into a finished design and email it back to you along with an estimated cost. The cost of the logo painting depends on the complexity of the artwork. Travel expense is based on an average of $2.00 (per mile)of my location in South Jersey which is also added to the total cost. Additional cost will be added if overnight stays are required, or changes in design are added after agreed upon price.
However, all prices are negotiable!

Add any graphic to any floor.
Save money without complete floor refinishing.
Spruce up by re-painting or touching up existing graphics
Add new or additional game lines to your previously finished floor.
No Decals or stickers used. All artwork is Hand Painted!

We have developed a technique in which we can render logos, graphics and or game lines to an existing finished floor. By prepping and painting within a specified area in which the logos or graphics are to be rendered without disturbing or affecting other areas of the floor. We can also paint over existing artwork with your new graphics, or re paint over your existing logo to spruced it up. We then either add the clear finish directly to the paint, while rendering the artwork, or we can sand, buff and apply floor finish over the area in which the new graphics were applied, saving you an enormous cost of re finishing the entire floor.

For ends of the courts or baselines borders, we can paint on top of the previously refinished solid area baselines, using a lighter color on top of a dark background. We can even widen the border on floors which have an existing painted borders. We use two distinct methods. First; using a reverse cut-out technique, where we paint around the outside of the lettering, leaving the actual floor showing. Second; We can fill in the solid light color lettering first, then paint around the painted letter with the dark color to fill in the background border. There is addition cost of $2,500.00 to add, or widen an existing border to the outside perimeter of a court.

For newly installed or old previously finished floors

Note: For floors refinished over a year ago, I will need a closeup photo showing condition of the surface which can be sent to me, via email.

Basketball Court diagram

Price for adding two inch game lines (based on each half side of full court) is $1,800.00 each. Total 3,600.00 for full court lines. Plus travel cost.
Price for Volley Ball court lines is $1,150.00 Plus travel cost.
Price for Shuffleboard Lines based on one pair (including numbers) is $850.00.00 (per side). Total 1,700.00 (per pair). Plus travel cost.
Shuffleboard diagram

For information on getting your school's customized logo, please send an inquiry via email to;

Derek's Custom Signs
Derek Nicholas
4335 S. Black Horse Pike
Williamstown, NJ 08094