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Gym Floor Logos #02: (Three - Color Process)

These types of hand painted logo designs reflects a three color process. Usually painted onto a painted background within the center of a gym floor. We also used this process when painting directly onto a wood floor. It's a step up from the single and two - color process. The difference are the outlines around the artwork and lettering, which gives the graphics more power and legibility. These second moderately priced floor designs are commonly used on elementary and middle school floors, as well as many high schools operating on a low budget.

Here are a few samples:
hand painted Scottie dog logo - black lettering with gold outline
hand painted airbrushed bulldog in center - blue lettering with white outline
hand painted bobcat in center - blue lettering with gold outline
Patriot logo in center - blue lettering with white outline
hand painted and airbrushed Indian Chief head
16 foot TR in center with hand painted convex multi-tone outline
gold and black hand painted cougar head
3 color hand painted Bee in center circle
Letter K with 2 color outlines
the word Port is painted with a two color outline
the W in center is painted with an off-set light blue outline
18 foot Bee logo with giant letter E
24 foot hand-painted Mustang logo
Cavalier pictorial with outlined lettering
multi-color hand painted Tiger Head
hand painted Maple leaf in center with green lettering outside of small center