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Logo #03: (Four - Color Process)

These types of logo design reflects a four color process. Rendered onto a painted background within the center of a gym floor. It's a step up from the two and three color processes. The difference is the background color. The outlines are painted around the artwork and lettering, which gives the graphics a three dimensional appearance for more legibility. The center logo extends beyond the perimeter of the normal twelve foot center circle. These types of floor layouts and designs are commonly used on High School, Universities and College floors, operating on a moderate budget.

Here are a few samples:

3 color hand painted 18 foot center logo
Airbrushed Jaguar with hand painted lettering and blue outline
hand painted  with airbrush - 12 foot multi-color Knight
12 foot center of Bluejay head, with reverse-cut  white lettering on blue
airbrushed Brave head on brown background
12 foot hand painted logo
12 foot hand painted logo
18 foot center logo
Spartan in center with reverse cut white lettering on blue background
12 logo painted on an already finshed floor. Seal with clear after rendering artwork
hand painted Tiger over 12 foot center
hand painted cougar head in 12 foot center - 2 foot black lettering with white outline
12 foot center Ocean City NJ logo
12 foot center - gold lettering with white outline - reverse cut in blue background
airbrushed Indian head in foul shot key
Husky dog in center with white lettering reverse cut with blue background
12 foot hand painted multicolor logo
16 foot hand painted logo painted on an already finished floor then cleared after rendering