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Logo #04: Baseline or Court Ends - Floor Graphics

This page shows the detailed descriptions of lettering and graphics applied to court baselines located at opposite ends of a basketball court. It consists of 2 foot, up to 5 foot wide baselines. The standard length on most court ends are 50 feet long.

We can paint on top of a previously finished solid baseline, using a lighter color on top of a dark background, or we can add a wider border on floors which have an existing 2 inch line border. We use 2 different methods. Either a reverse cut-out, where we paint around the outside of the lettering, leaving the actual floor showing, or we fill in the solid light color lettering first, then paint around the painted letter with the dark color to fill in the border. There is an addition cost of $2,500.00 or widen an existing border to the outside perimeter of a court.

Here are a few samples: